The NEW YORK Office

Jeffrey  Tucker 
Branch Manager
    Floor No. 07, 
    NEW YORK,  NY  10022

    Phone: (212) 415-7400

NEW YORK Branch Office
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Merrill Lynch Branch Office

Branch Office Profile

Our flagship New York office located in Midtown and just two blocks from Central Park is composed of more than 150 Financial Advisors serving high net worth individuals and institutions. We all take the utmost pride in the standard of service we provide and our ability to leverage all the resources that Merrill Lynch has to offer to deliver on our promises to you.

Our mission in the 5th Avenue Financial Center is:
"To go beyond financial solutions to be an Essential Partner to our clients.”

We assist our clients in wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer strategies through a total Wealth Management Process. The process includes goal-setting, asset allocation, portfolio management, liability management, tax minimization, asset protection and performance review. We also work with business owners through all stages of the business life cycle, from growth to maturity, by providing cash management for day to day operations, and financing for growth opportunities. We also provide succession planning, private sale of businesses and group benefit plans. Through our office, our clients can take advantage of customized strategies through a network of Wealth Management Specialists at Merrill Lynch. These individuals work with our Financial Advisors and their clients on portfolio construction, estate planning services, trust services, business financing, cash management, capital expansion, as well as succession planning, the private sale of businesses and group benefit plans.

1) Use of tax minimization or tax advice/strategies/efficient requires the following disclosure at the bottom of the page: Neither Merrill Lynch nor its Financial Advisors provide tax, accounting or legal advice. Clients should review any planned financial transactions or arrangements that may have tax, accounting or legal implications with their professional advisors.

2.) Use of asset allocation requires the following disclosure at the bottom of the page: Asset Allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

Client Commitment

Financial Advisors at this Location

  Vincent Ambroselli
  George A. Doyle, Jr.
  Joseph Barnett
  Sam Moshe
  Michael J. Rossi
  Stephen R. Bloom
  Joseph Boccaccio
  Vikas Mohindra
  John G. Comas
  Carolyn Kretz Plotkin
  Peter Ross
  David Filosa
  James Heggie III
  Kevin J. McLaughlin
  Bert M. Halliday
  Peter S. Izzo
  Ian P. Arellano
  Brian Sliwinski
  Bryan Fowlkes
  John L. Ong
  Bea Ang
  John Livia
  Courtney Kwas
  Christopher P. LaBarbera
  Daniel M. Nolan
  Mandy J. Rofe
  Anthony W. Luppino
  Eric G. Eschenauer
  Kevin J. McLaughlin
  James Heggie III
  Douglas Mellert
  Todd DiScala
  Arthur T. Nintzel
  Thomas P. Monaghan
  Christopher P. Matteo
  Peter Svarre
  Richard Pluta
  David Katz
  Henry R. Pupke, CFP®
  Karl H. Pupke, CFP®
  Robin M. Reich
  Joshua Baer
  Barbara Sameulson
  Kerry Davi
  Sam Xiang
  Paul Selvin
  Robert Furst
  Gary Stern
  C. Steven Teixeira
  John Loughran
  Holly B Wallace
  Marvin Waltuch
  Jody Ethan Thompson
  Jimmy Quan
  Sarah Balk Ostrie
  Peter A. Wiener
  Herbert Roy Zucker
  Arthur Blake Sherman
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