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Specialized Support Designed for Parents with Special Needs Children

Special Needs Calculator Help take the guesswork out of planning for your child's future.

Caring for a child with special needs is a responsibility that brings many challenges. It includes making sure your family member with a disability will be cared for throughout his or her lifetime. An integrated long-term financial strategy can help provide for your child and the needs of your entire family while at the same time addressing your other goals.

Our Special Needs team approach to addressing special needs can provide you the assistance and guidance appropriate for your particular situation. As a Merrill Lynch client, you'll be able to work with a single point of contact — a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor with the Certified Special Needs Advisor designation — who is knowledgeable about and sensitive to the issues surrounding special needs children and their families.

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Special Needs Planning Tools

Merrill Lynch has developed three unique special needs planning tools to assist Financial Advisors and their clients in determining financial security for special needs loved ones: the Special Needs Calculator, the Special Needs Planning Workbook and the Financial Foundation's Disability Supplemental Questionnaire. Please ask your Financial Advisor about these resources.

Services for Special Needs Trustees

Trustees of special needs trusts often require assistance with trust administration and investment services to help them fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Merrill Lynch Special Needs Training Program

Some of our Financial Advisors have earned their Certified Special Needs Advisor professional designation which gives them the ability to understand and address special needs issues and provide team-approach solutions to each family situation. More than 1,600 Financial Advisors are members of the Merrill Lynch Certified Special Needs Advisors Network.

The Financial Foundation® report is an investment advisory service. Clients have sole responsibility for deciding whether, and how, to implement any aspect of the financial plan. There is no obligation to do so or to use Merrill Lynch for this purpose.

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