Benjamin  J  Prince 
Branch Manager
    SAN FRANCISCO,  CA  94104-1503

    Phone: (415) 955-3700

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Merrill Lynch Branch Office

Branch Office Profile

The Merrill Lynch San Francisco Office focuses on delivering wealth management strategies to high net worth individuals and businesses that draw upon the breadth and depth of our wealth management platform and Bank of America’s vast banking services. As one of the largest offices in the region, we use a disciplined investment strategy approach that begins by fully comprehending your current financial situation, risk tolerance level and future goals so we can give you hands-on advice and personalized financial reviews. Making use of our far-reaching capabilities in investments, retirement and financing as well as our access to banking services, we can work with you to create a strategy that addresses every aspect of your financial life. That kind of relationship is at the heart of what we do at Merrill Lynch. Together, we can help position you for future opportunities.

As Complex Director of our San Francisco, Mill Valley, Napa and Santa Rosa offices, I’m privileged to lead 193 Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors, who I consider to be small business owners. Together, we deliver a holistic blend of goals-based wealth management to affluent clients who have entrusted us with approximately $21 billion in assets and liabilities as of January 1, 2014.
My entrepreneurial background and roots at Bank of America give me valuable insights that help me bolster the success of my personal clients: our Financial Advisors. From a business perspective, we can appreciate clients’ P&L and capital needs, as well as the emotional capital they invest. As adaptive as clients, our Financial Advisors are skilled at anticipating and witnessing economic, regulatory and personal change – to best prepare clients for their financial futures.
My long tenure at Bank of America allows me to deepen client relationships by calling upon my network of colleagues and friends throughout the Firm. This streamlined access empowers our Financial Advisors to be clients’ “servant leaders“ and put clients’ needs first. Clients expect our timely optimization of their wealth’s value and purpose – and we aim to earn their trust. I don’t want our Financial Advisors wasting a moment when a single phone call can bring resources to the table.
With this strong banking pedigree, our Complex has the highest percentage of clients that benefit from liability management. Addressing both sides of client balance sheets can help deploy the power and opportunities of wealth. By guiding clients in real-world decisions, we play invaluable roles that make us part of a client’s familiar community. This degree of advisor involvement helps client families enjoy greater fulfillment and security.
Before joining Bank of America, I founded and sold two successful businesses. Today, my passions include my family, reading biographies and historical books, as well as collecting antiques and classic cars (racing, restoring and reading about them). I live in Seattle with my wife and our two sons.

Client Commitment

Financial Advisors at this Location

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  Brian Gigliotti
  Marie B. Benedetti
  Dan R. Osborne
  Sean M. Reilly
  Charles J. Terrazas
  Daniel Cutter
  Scott MacDonald
  Mary B. Garrison, CFA
  David Swartz, CFA
  Joseph D. Garcia
  Joy Y. Boatwright
  Debbie Jorgensen
  David Epstein
  Laura Pilz
  Aaron Sisk
  James Roeske
  Bruce Kikuyama
  Stephen Osborn
  Ann R. Wang, CFP®, CRPC®
  Jamie A. Durrani
  Bethany A. Lange
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