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Our Mission

The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group is a highly skilled team of professionals you can trust to help you pursue your long-term financial well-being. Our holistic approach to wealth management puts client needs at the center of everything we do. We seek to provide "big picture" thinking and innovative solutions designed to help clients attain their definition of success. We believe our role goes beyond portfolio management and extends to providing strategies that can give you greater freedom to pursue the things in life you enjoy.

Clients at various stages in their lives trust us to help them find ways to pursue their financial and life goals, including:

  • The retirement lifestyle they envision
  • Affording the best education possible for their children and grandchildren
  • Tax-aware wealth transfer to the next generation
  • Establishment of their legacy through family foundations and philanthropy
  • Diversifying and monetizing business interests
  • Effective strategies for managing concentrated equity holdings

"Clients recognize the value of having a strategy and being prepared for the financial and personal demands of wealth. We welcome the opportunity to contribute our experience where we can make a difference in their lives and help them effectively manage their wealth."

York Harris
Managing Director–Wealth Management
Financial Advisor
Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group
The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group

Barron's named York Harris to its prestigious 2014 list of Top 1,200 Financial Advisors.

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The Utmost Integrity Drives Our Actions

We recognize that our role as your trusted advisor has to be earned. Our reputation has been built over many years, one client relationship at a time. We appreciate the trust that clients have placed in us, and we don't take the responsibility of managing wealth lightly.

Our team understands the demands and responsibilities of wealth. You can count on unfettered access to our team, our broad skill base and the specialized capabilities we provide.

Whatever the circumstances, we strive to deliver tailored advice and guidance and solutions that are geared toward your best interest.

Powerful Resources. Real-World Knowledge. Independent Thinking.

The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group consists of three experienced advisors with over 80 years of combined industry experience, and four registered client associates with more than 30 years of combined experience. Our collective knowledge has helped clients navigate the turbulence of the markets through entire business cycles. We use our experience to deliver a disciplined long-term approach to wealth management.

This experience allows our team to leverage the vast resources of Merrill Lynch to create unbiased solutions and strategies. The special combination of our real world knowledge and the powerful resources of Merrill Lynch provides the framework which helps us to address complex financial issues for clients.

The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group

"All things being equal, we believe that a client's choice of an advisor comes down to trust. Clients can rest assured that their interests will come first and our recommendations will reflect the combined experience of our team."

Andrew Allison, CIMA®
Senior Vice President–Wealth Management
Wealth Management Advisor
Senior Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

Establish Objectives

Our holistic approach to wealth management starts with getting a clear understanding of where you are currently, your concerns and your aspirations. We follow a disciplined wealth management process to develop a blueprint for a customized financial strategy designed to build and preserve your wealth.

Through years of training and practical experience, we have become very good listeners. We use this skill to understand the challenges you face and to get a complete picture of the things you value most and their priorities in your life. If you are uncertain about your objectives, we can help you define them by asking challenging questions.

We understand that you need to balance multiple goals simultaneously and we will help you to prioritize your choices to reflect what you want to achieve in life.

Set Strategy

We will work with you to build an investment strategy and asset allocation that allow the different pieces of your financial life to work together, taking into consideration not only your various goals, but also the levels of risk you are prepared to take to reach them as well as your time horizon and liquidity goals.

You have worked hard, sacrificed and managed to accumulate enough wealth to reach a point in your life where being confident about your future matters. To solidify and help build on that confidence, we initially emphasize strategies designed to preserve wealth, minimize taxes and sustain retirement income at the level you need to maintain your lifestyle.

Implement Solutions

The strength of your strategy will mean little if it falls short at execution. We combine our portfolio management experience with Merrill Lynch's extensive network of specialists to offer a capable strategy in a timely manner.

We utilize our group's personal discretionary portfolio management in conjunction with Merrill Lynch's open investment platform. This flexibility provides us with the autonomy to customize investment strategies in accordance with your goals and investment objectives. The resources we provide include:

Merrill Lynch Personal Investment Advisory® (PIA) Program: Our team manages proprietary equity and balanced portfolios under the Merrill Lynch Personal Investment Advisory® (PIA) Program. This program is reserved for specially qualified financial advisors and allows our team the ability to build and manage independent proprietary portfolios with client consent.

Managed Solutions: Through Merrill Lynch's Managed Solutions group, our team has access to a large universe of "best-in-class" independent portfolio managers from around the world.

These resources provide us with both the autonomy and extensive flexibility to individualize your portfolio according to the target asset allocation developed for you.

BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research provides a valuable source and constant flow of investment ideas and information. Through our team's due diligence, investment and risk management skills, market acumen and independent thinking, we funnel this research information into actionable strategies.

Review Progress

Trusting us with your wealth is a huge commitment on your part, and we dedicate abundant resources to providing exceptional service. We will maintain consistent contact with you, listening to your concerns and addressing any questions that may arise. We will also conduct a regular, periodic review of performance to help you measure your investment results against your objectives. In addition to monitoring your investments and asset allocation, we believe in instituting disciplined rebalancing to align your portfolio with your current needs.

The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group

"We are confident that our team's collective experience has created the knowledge capital to help satisfy your complex financial needs."

Jay Buxbaum, CPM®
Senior Vice President–Wealth Management
Senior Financial Advisor
Senior Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

Estate Planning Services

We access the deep resources of Merrill Lynch and routinely coordinate our efforts with your other professional advisors (tax and estate attorneys and CPAs) to help your estate plan become seamless, efficient and up-to-date. We can recommend trusts, charitable gifting strategies, life insurance and other sophisticated strategies to help you effectuate your wealth transfer. In helping you formulate your wealth transfer goals, some of the questions we may ask will include:

  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Do you have wealth you want to pass along to your family, favorite charities or others?
  • What are the future needs of your spouse, your children, your extended family?
  • How can you structure, or re-structure, your financial assets to be a more efficient pool of assets for your estate?
  • How can we translate your wealth transfer goals into a financial strategy?

Trust and Philanthropic Services

Our group assists with trust management services and philanthropic planning by utilizing specialists from Merrill Lynch Trust Company and Bank of America Merrill Lynch Institutional Investments & Philanthropic Solutions, who are trained to help address specific financial needs.

We can access the local Seattle office of Merrill Lynch Trust Company, so that clients can develop, establish and administer:

  • A full range of personal trusts, including family and marital trusts, dynasty and highly specialized trusts
  • Philanthropic strategies including charitable trusts, foundations and donor-advised solutions
  • Trusteed IRAs and Roth IRAs for the management of retirement wealth
  • Dedicated estate administration that is skilled in trust and estate settlement

Concentrated Stock Holdings

The prudent management of a concentrated stock holding can be critical to preserving and growing your wealth. We will work with you to compare strategies and develop a sound approach for managing your holding based upon your risk tolerance, your expectation for future growth, liquidity needs, investment time horizon and tax considerations.

Strategies we strive to employ may include the following:

  • Pre-paid forward contracts and various options strategies aligned to your specific objectives*
  • Open market sales, collar plus loan or securities-based lending
  • Wealth transfer through charitable and non-charitable trust planning or grantor retained annuity trusts
  • Diversifying through exchange funds, family foundations or charitable trusts

Family Office Services

We have access to an expansive set of investment, administrative and advisory solutions that focus on your family, including multiple generations of your family, such as:

  • Intergenerational transfer strategy development
  • Special asset acquisition analysis
  • Family partnership/LLC advisory services
  • Bill pay and household accounts management
  • Income tax efficiency and compliance
  • Risk management planning, including insurance coverage reviews
  • Coordination with third-party professional advisors and experts

*Commissions associated with multi-leg options trading will likely be greater than those for single-leg options.

The Harris Allison Buxbaum Group

Meet Our Team

  • York Harris

    York Harris
    Managing Director–Wealth Management
    Financial Advisor
    Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

  • Andrew Allison

    Andrew Allison, CIMA®
    Senior Vice President–Wealth Management
    Wealth Management Advisor
    Senior Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

  • Jay Buxbaum

    Jay Buxbaum, CPM®
    Senior Vice President–Wealth Management
    Senior Financial Advisor
    Senior Portfolio Manager, PIA Program

  • John Hall

    John Hall
    Financial Advisor

  • Kerry Wate

    Kerry Wate, CFA®
    Financial Advisor

  • Michelle Sfanos

    Michelle Sfanos, CRPC®
    Registered Senior Client Associate

  • Ann Boberg

    Ann Boberg, CRPC®
    Registered Senior Client Associate

  • Michelle Ann Scoggins

    Michelle Ann Scoggins
    Registered Client Associate

  • Mikah McCudden

    Mikah McCudden
    Registered Client Associate

  • Additional Resources Bill Grey

    Bill Grey*
    Senior Vice President
    Wealth Management Banker
    Bank of America, N.A.

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