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The HGG Group
Members of The HGG Group have worked together for years, bringing seasoned insights and a team approach to clients who, in most cases, have been with the team for decades. Today, clients reside throughout Texas and in over 20 other states – business owners, corporate executives, retirees, multiple generations of families, and many other “successful savers.”
As Greg Harned explains, “We work best with clients who value money for what it means in a practical sense – to their lives and to people they love. That’s why we offer clients realistic, real-world perspectives. We want them to have a genuine understanding of wealth and help them preserve it.”
On behalf of many clients approaching retirement, The HGG Group is diligent in helping them appreciate the often-difficult transition from wealth accumulation to distribution. Time is spent gauging each client’s comfort with risk, need for liquidity, and other factors. Team members are highly sensitive to the health of both sides of clients’ balance sheets and frequently provide access to Bank of America resources for residential and securities-based lending.
“Clients’ financial lives have plenty of moving parts and we’re masters in managing them,” says Kirk Greer. “Like in sports, we start with a game plan and anticipate likely (and unlikely) scenarios. We excel at execution, which is critical to outcomes. We’re proud to be timely, accurate and accountable.”
As a Portfolio Manager in the Merrill Lynch Personal Investment Advisory® (PIA) Program, Kirk can build and manage customized investment strategies and implement proprietary model portfolios, as well as provide traditional advice and guidance. To manage risk and minimize tax consequences for each client, the team utilizes a blend of ETFs, equity and fixed income portfolios, alternative investments and separately managed accounts.

Greg Harned, Wealth Management Advisor
Following in his father’s footsteps, Greg launched his financial services career with Merrill Lynch in 1985 and has never looked back. “My father had a 35-year career at Merrill Lynch. For most of that time, he managed the Firm’s Tulsa office, until he retired in 1996,” says Greg. “He always stressed the importance of listening and learning from clients. When they talk, we can answer with appropriate strategies.”
Greg has long taken a ground-up, planning-based approach to optimizing client wealth. His disciplined process invites clients to play active roles – describing their circumstances and aspirations in detail. Greg focuses most closely on developing financial action plans and estate planning strategies for clients.
A former Resident Director of the Merrill Lynch office in Plano, Greg earned a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing from University of Oklahoma and, while working at Merrill Lynch, a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. Greg is an avid hiker, skier, mountain and road biker, unicyclist, and a very proud father of his teenage son and daughter.
Kirk Greer, Wealth Management Advisor
Since arriving at Merrill Lynch in 1996, Kirk has focused most closely on asset management and customizing investment and retirement planning strategies for valued clients. In addition, Kirk has been selected to manage the training program for new advisors in the Plano office and has twice been recognized as Mentor of the Year. He also served as the Legacy Park Office Sales Manager from 2007 to 2010.
Kirk earned a Bachelors degree in Economics from Southwestern University. High energy in the office and at home, Kirk has coached his three daughter's sports teams for a total of 25 seasons and has led more than a dozen YMCA Adventure Guide campouts. To relax, Kirk teaches classes at church, and enjoys hiking, fishing and weekends spent at the lake with his wife, April, and their family.
Daniel O'Leary Greer, Financial Advisor
In 2008, Daniel joined Merrill Lynch and The HGG Group after graduating summa cum laude from Illinois State University with degrees in Economics and History. Daniel focuses on planning and operations for the group – anticipating areas in which clients require increased attention and resources.
Daniel enjoyed an earlier career with the U.S. Army where he proudly served as an infantry soldier with the prestigious 101st Airborne Division. Daniel’s leadership qualities have long been recognized. From 2011 to 2012, he served as the Legacy Park Office Sales Manager. Today, Daniel not only works with clients, he helps manage the training program for new advisors across most of Dallas. A native of Chicago, Daniel is an active resident of Plano. Among his passions are running marathons and ultra marathons, backcountry hiking, and actively supporting Second Chance SPCA (Plano No-Kill Shelter) and The Plano Chamber of Commerce.
Mary Ferrell, Senior Registered Client Associate
Highly regarded by the group and Merrill Lynch, Mary has been awarded the Greater Dallas Complex Client Associate Award for providing exemplary client service. Mary has long maintained her deep personal and professional commitment to serving the transactional account needs of high net worth individuals. On a daily basis, she is proud to deliver proactive and responsive attention to client needs.
Mary began her financial services career with Merrill Lynch in 1984 and has worked with Greg since 1996. She and her husband, Preston, reside in Carrollton Texas and they enjoy traveling and spending time with their families. Mary and Preston share a competitive spirit – Mary is a Dallas Cowboy fan and Preston is a fan of the San Francisco 49ers.
Kyle Maxwell Bird, Client Associate
Before he joined Merrill Lynch in January 2013, Kyle spent six years in banking – helping families and businesspeople put capital to work, reduce debt and obtain streamlined financing. Today, Kyle handles clients’ account and administrative needs, and serves as a liaison between clients and the resources of Merrill Lynch Bank of America. Kyle was born and raised in Oklahoma and attended Texas A&M University where he majored in Psychology. A diehard Aggies fan, Kyle loves sports, travel, cooking, watching movies, and spending time with his family. In his spare time, he helps coach his nephew’s soccer team and volunteers at local churches.
Jeff Frank, Senior Wealth Management Banker
You may also benefit from the experience of a Wealth Management Banker from Bank of America, N.A. who can provide strategic and personalized banking guidance focused on your needs. Working together, your Financial Advisor team and Wealth Management Banker can draw upon an expansive array of cash management, credit and other lending solutions designed to fit into your overall financial strategy and help you pursue your financial objectives. Jeff Frank, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Banker supports your Financial Advisor team. Jeff has been in the banking industry and wealth management since 2001 at Bank of America.

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