Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

H W Netherton

Senior Financial Advisor

Floor 06 Suite600

AUSTIN, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 3971868

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Horace W. Netherton III, better known as Bill, began his career with Merrill Lynch in March of 1980 and has served on the financial boards of various institutions of higher learning, estates of prominent families, as well as many businesses and nonprofit organizations. Over 31 years of investment experience have helped to distinguish him as a leader among his fellow professional financial advisors. Bill diligently researches and maintains awareness of the overall market conditions to develop and implement strategies utilized by his clientele, many of whom he shares a close friendship with. He has extensive experience in all financial markets with a special focus on fixed income strategies. Through the years of high and low market tides he has been able to retain the majority of his high net worth clientele by maintaining an honest and professional relationship with them, of which he is most proud.

Bill is a recipient of Merrill Lynch’s Circle of Excellence Club Awards and is also a member of Merrill Lynch’s regional Advisory Council to Management, which serves to establish ways in which Merrill Lynch is able to maintain success.

Bill is a devoted father of three and is a native Texan, happy to say Texas is home since birth.

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