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V. Anthony Tango has been an active member of the investment industry and Portfolio Management profession managing portfolios for over thirty years.

He currently serves as Senior Portfolio Manager with Merrill Lynch. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, he was the Managing Director of Fixed Income for Ten Sixty Asset Management and served as a member of the Investment Policy Committee. Anthony also served as Senior Vice President with Dean Witter/Morgan Stanley and A.G. Edwards respectively. His investment career began in 1981 with Paine Webber upon graduation from Upsala College, where he earned a B.A. in Finance and Marketing. During the span of Mr. Tango's career, he was selected to attend the Wharton School of Business' two-year executive program which he completed in 1991. Moreover, he recently achieved the designation of Certified Portfolio Manager from the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers®, in conjunction with the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. This unique certification consists of Fundamental Security Analysis and Valuation, Asset Allocation(Asset Allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets) and Portfolio Management Concepts.

While attending Rutgers University, he was a member of the 1976 Rutgers University Scarlet Knights undefeated football team, establishing the foundation for his winning attitude and tenacious spirit.

* CPM® is a registered service mark of the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers.

Mr. Tango is a results-oriented professional with extensive experience focuses on Investment Management Services for employee benefit and retirement plans, institutional accounts and high net worth individuals. His strategy is an effort to maximize returns while minimizing risk through the construction of well-diversified, balanced portfolios based on the Economic cycle and future forecasts of that cycle. While managing portfolios under the Merrill Lynch, Mr. Tango acts in a Fiduciary capacity governed by the Investment Advisory Act of 1940. As such, Mr. Tango's clients benefit from the prudence and sound judgment of his investment experience and confident decision making ability.


His talent for managing portfolios is an effort to perform at optimal levels through creation and implementation of strategic Top Down Four-Step Process: Economic Analysis, Asset Allocation, Sector Analysis and Portfolio Construction. During this process, he monitors the economic and monetary environment, including all its leading and lagging economic indicators, Fed Policy, GDP, Interest Rates and Inflation in effort to minimize risk and determine a prudent and individualized investment strategy. This results in the construction of a fully customized portfolio consisting of several low correlated asset classes, Large Cap Stocks, representing 9 Sectors, and Bonds. This is achieved in partnership with the investor's specific objectives, goals and risk tolerance. As the economic climate shifts he utilizes his active management initiatives to adjust the asset allocation: rotate and rebalance the portfolio in an effort to ensure optimal portfolio efficiency and reduce exposure. This closely managed Top Down Four Step Process provides a well structured disciplined framework for not only the construction of the portfolio but the ongoing management of the portfolio. This also includes exceptional client servicing, regular performance reporting and a strategic client partnership.


The first step in developing a strategic client partnership is to establish a complete personal review of the investor's goals and objectives. This is prepared to specifically align the risk profile of the investor with current and future market conditions and outlook. Once examined and defined, a Strategic asset allocation plan will be established. Secondly, an inclusive analysis of the investors existing portfolio's assets and performance are thoroughly assessed and evaluated. Once the review has been conducted, it is followed by a detailed in-depth portfolio proposal which outlines all aspects of the newly structured portfolio and provides a clear picture and understanding on how the portfolio should be reconstructed. Guidelines and expectations are created, a Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program contract is generated and the management process begins. In addition to quarterly reviews, the Asset Information Report is provided for the client to evaluate the performance and status of the portfolio, every three months.


The Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Porgram is a annual fee based program, determined solely on the value of the portfolio's assets with no additional transaction cost.

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