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Growing up in a blue collar family, Taylor Roncancio witnessed the sacrifices his parents made to provide for him and his two little brothers. Taylor's father, the owner of a small air conditioning company, put him to work at a young age and taught him the value of a dollar. Taylor learned from his parents the importance of honesty, commitment, work ethic, and family. Taylor believes that in order to connect people to opportunities for financial success, you must step into "their shoes" and take the time to understand their financial lives. It is through this process that he is able to tailor a wealth management strategies to fit business owners, individuals, and families’ unique needs.

Taylor's investment approach is based on the disciplined, four step Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Process that is designed to clarify clients’ vision and strategy. The breadth of his clientele include professional athletes, non-profit organizations, endowments, corporate executives, business owners, and retirees. Taylor leverages Merrill Lynch's estate planning services and specialists to help address clients’ planning needs while utilizing the cash management services available through Bank of America. In addition, he helps business owners implement effective 401(k) plans and works closely with clients’ tax attorneys and CPAs. As retirement plan options evolve and tax complexities increase, many companies seek professional plan administrators to design, install, and maintain their company retirement plans. Firms of all sizes recognize the unique skills needed to implement and oversee these internal retirement plans, noticing this and having a passion for working with employees, executives, and business owners, Taylor earned his Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist CRPS® professional designation (SM). His focus is helping large corporations with the design, installation, maintenance, and administration of efficient 401(k) / retirement plans.

Taylor graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply & Value Chain Management. He also played safety on TCU's football team. After acting as facility manager & co-director of safety at a chemical management solutions provider in the fortune 500 space, he worked at a wealth management firm before joining Merrill Lynch in 2012.

In his spare time, Taylor serves on the Board of Adjustment for the City of Scottsdale and volunteers with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. He is also a member of the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and the Arizona Society of CPA’s and actively coordinates game watching events for the Greater Phoenix Metro TCU Alumni. Taylor lives in Scottsdale and is an avid TCU football fan.

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Taylor Roncancio is registered to do business in:AZ, CA, FL, MO, NV, NY, TX, UT

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