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Casey S Harrah

Wealth Management Advisor

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Casey S. Harrah
First Vice President - Wealth Management
Wealth Management Advisor
Portfolio Manager

Mr. Harrah leads a wealth management practice that serves approximately 100 wealthy families. The practice focuses on the following disciplines : financial guidance, legacy implementation, estate coordination, risk management and tax efficiency. This is done in close collaboration with the families legal and tax advisors.

Mr. Harrah joined Merrill Lynch in 1983. He has been awarded numerous local, regional and national awards from Merrill Lynch in his career. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch he studied Public Relations and Business at the University of Kansas.

Mr. Harrah lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with his two daughters Lauren and Audrey.

Carrie Nichols
Registered Senior Client Associate

Carrie Nichols is a Registered Senior Client Associate that has been with Merrill Lynch since 1988. Carrie assists clients with any account issues they may have, making sure they get the most out of their relationship with Merrill Lynch.

Carrie lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with her Husband Kevin and their two boys, Kip and Graham.

Neither Merrill Lynch nor its Financial Advisors provide tax, accounting or legal advice. Clients should review any planned financial transactions or arrangements that may have tax, accounting or legal implications with their personal professional advisors.

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Casey Harrah is registered to do business in:AR, AZ, CO, KS, NC, NJ, NY, OK, TN, TX, VA

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