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Since joining Merrill Lynch in 1983, Margie Moore has brought clients a “hands-on” and “hands-held” 360-degree wealth management approach. Looking beyond their assets and liabilities, Margie views her high-net-worth clientele as well educated and sophisticated – as parents and grandparents, executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, retirees (including U.S. Naval officers), and as families.

Today, Margie’s team also serves clients’ 401(k), profit sharing and retirement plans, and the specialized needs of foundations. Working closely with members of investment committees, the team proposes and selects investments, helps draft investment policy statements and educates clients on their fiduciary responsibilities to the plan and employees.

“The best way I know to help clients financially is, first, to see them as people with real-world goals and concerns,” Margie explains. Accordingly, the team’s holistic financial strategies address matters of wealth transfer and offers estate planning services, of business succession and more. Frequently, the team collaborates with clients’ own legal and tax advisors to align each decision with a client’s overall financial picture.

By virtue of countless referrals, Margie’s team serves many affluent second-, third- and fourth-generation clients, as well as many referred by their attorneys and CPAs. Currently, the team’s clients reside coast-to-coast, in 19 states – many with inherited wealth.

“Clients call us for everything financial and we’re passionate about helping. While I’m happy to talk to clients about individual stocks, I want to know about them, before their investments.” Asking questions like, “who do you trust, what do you own, what are your plans,” Margie’s team develops strategies that can satisfy clients’ goals for retirement and more – choosing investments based on a client’s risk tolerance, income and legacy objectives. Using selected money managers and the Merrill Lynch Trust Company, client portfolios may include municipal bonds, managed equities and other asset classes designed to preserve assets for retirement, and often create a family or charitable legacy.

For Margie and many clients, 2004 was a “wake-up call.” The hurricane destroyed the Merrill Lynch office and many clients lost their homes and livelihoods. Bringing ice and water to clients and checking on them each day, the team helped to arrange for mortgages, so clients could rebuild. “We also contacted their insurance companies to speed up reimbursements, cashed their insurance checks and did everything possible to get people back on their feet,” explains Margie.

Margie and her team begin relationships by scrutinizing how accounts are structured and titled. “This way, if clients can’t handle their affairs one day (or if unlikely scenarios occur) – someone else can. We only look at a client’s investments when their financial puzzle has all pieces in place. That’s why we’re proactive in working on tax minimization strategies with their CPA, or estate planning strategies with their attorney. Utilizing our Bank of America Wealth Management Banker, we’re also able to help arrange for residential lending, credit cards or streamlined borrowing based on their securities’ value,” adds Margie.

On behalf of clients with substantial assets and important goals, Margie and her group take great pride in embracing clients’ lives and pursuits on a deep level. “That requires our devoted attention and ongoing contact. We help clients feel valued, because we value the relationship,” explains Margie.

Margie Moore,CRPC®
Senior Vice President – Wealth Management
Senior Financial Advisor

Having joined Merrill Lynch in 1983, Margie’s commitment to clients’ financial and personal wellbeing is recognized by generations of her clientele – and by Merrill Lynch. Margie was a 2008 recipient of the "David Brady Award", named in honor of Mr. Brady (a New York-based Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor killed in the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001) who was known for going “beyond the call” for clients. This prestigious award states that it is given annually to “up to ten Merrill Lynch employees who best demonstrate what it means to be an essential partner and whose body of work brings the mission of life to our clients.”

Margie graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after growing up on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Loving and loyal to Pensacola since 1982, Margie is married to Alan Moore and has two grown daughters, one a practicing attorney in Pensacola. Active in the community, Margie serves as a Trustee of Pensacola State College and as a board member of Baptist Health Care. In the past, she served as a board member of Manna Food Pantry, Favor House of Northwest Florida, Northwest Florida Council on Aging, and as past president of the Pensacola State College Foundation.

Jeanne Ford
Registered Senior Client Associate

Launching her financial services career with Merrill Lynch in 2000, Jeanne is currently a branch coach and, in 2011, was selected among thousands as the Merrill Lynch Chair of the National Client Associate ACTM (Advisory Council to Management).

Born and raised in Oregon, Jeanne graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Troy State University and has lived in Florida since 1993. Away from the office, Jeanne stays busy with her two teenage sons, traveling, reading and listening to Jimmy Buffet. Jeanne is a proud volunteer with
IMPACT 100 and local schools.

Samantha Moats
Client Associate

A veteran of Merrill Lynch since 2007, Samantha is responsible for account administration and serving as a client liason. Samantha began her financial services career in 1987 with EF Hutton, before joining Dean Witter and, later, SunTrust Securities. Samantha is a native of New Orleans who earned her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University and moved to Pensacola in 1994. To “relax,” Samantha is a yoga and tennis enthusiast who loves cooking and spending time with her husband, Bill, and their two daughters.

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